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Wall Painting Design for Bedroom Walls & Interiors

Wall Painting Design for Bedroom Walls & Interiors


7 Trending Wall Paint Designs For Your Bedroom Walls and Interiors

“The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.” - David Hicks

Your bedroom is a reflection of you and your persona. It is your personal oasis where relaxation, solitude and your innermost thoughts are nested. Although it is a low traffic area, it is one of the most important rooms since you spend most of your time there. While decorating bedrooms and navigating bedroom designs for clients, most experts rely on simple bedroom designs that set the mood and define the character of the space.

Paints help us turn our bedroom design interiors into art. It may surprise you, but walls can change the way a room looks altogether as patterns, textures, designs and colours bring alive a new personality of the space. So now that you’re ready to transform your bedroom design, here’s a curated list of 7 trending wall paint designs for your bedroom walls and interiors:

  1. Coloured diagonals

    -Coloured Diagonals wall paint design

    Don’t let your bedroom walls sit idle. Divide your bare wall into diagonals of pop colours and let it stimulate creativity and playful energy in your room. Coloured diagonals on a feature wall can act as a bedroom backdrop. You can also use muted tones in diagonals to bring out a chic aesthetic. Coloured diagonals are one of the trendiest wall paint designs for bedrooms that also function as WFH spaces.

    If you’re loving the chic NY vibe, then coloured diagonals are the bedroom design idea to go for. Pair it with minimal furniture and decor to maintain the room’s creative balance.

    For a simple bedroom design on your walls, go for muted or pastel tones in diagonals on one wall.

    For a chic yet funky, upbeat bedroom design, go for pop coloured diagonals near the desk area, window, or bedhead.

    Suited for: Small bedrooms, Bedroom x WFH spaces, kid’s bedrooms

  2. Abstract lines (Vertical or horizontal)

    Abstract Lines (Vertical or Horizontal) wall paint design

    Geometric patterns have entered the bedroom design craze. However, one unique wall paint design for bedrooms is the abstract lines concept. Whether, vertical or horizontal, the asymmetry adds a touch of elegance to your personal space.

    The paints you use will bring out different personas of the room. Abstract lines with the classics like grey, beiges, black and whites will bring out the sophistication you need whereas lines with pop colours, pastels or energetic vivids will bring out energy and creativity in your room.

    Suited for: Master bedrooms, ceilings, big bedrooms with seating areas etc.

  3. Nature to home

    Nature to Home wall paint design

    Solitude, warmth, greenery - nature-inspired wall paint designs are a great choice for bedroom interiors. Whether its minimal green leaf patterns, plant stencils, flower patterns or butterflies, these wall paint designs are popular for changing the mood of your bedroom into a cosy, warm one.

    Types of nature-inspired wall paint design ideas for bedrooms:

    • Leaf, plant, greenery stencils
    • Mountains in watercolour effect
    • Flower accent walls
    • Green in two-toned divides

    Suited for: Master bedrooms, guest rooms

  4. 3D designs

    3D Effect Wall Paint Design

    If you can watch 3D movies then why not have 3D walls? 3D shapes pop out and with the right set of paints, look appealing, enthralling and creative as the focal point of your bedroom. It is a funky and trendy wall paint design idea for bedroom interiors.

    Types of 3D simple wall paint designs for bedrooms:

    • Shapes like boxes
    • Abstract
    • Flowers/objects
    • 3D murals

    Suited for: Couple bedrooms, master bedrooms

  5. Sponge effect

    Sponge Effect wall paint design

    The sponge effect is part of textured wall designs. It essentially gives bedroom walls a sponge like effect using same or similar shades. The best part about this bedroom wall paint design is that you can take a bare wall and sponge it with similar shades to create the ombre effect.

    The sponge wall paint design adds texture and depth to your personal space. This effect can be used on ceilings or the main wall of your bedroom. It is not an overtly expressive effect so it fits perfectly into your bedroom space and works well with muted tones.

    Suited for: Master bedrooms, Balconies, Ceilings

  6. Multi-coloured fun

    Multi-coloured Fun wall paint design

    One of the perfect wall painting designs for kids’ rooms is multi-coloured concepts. Whether it’s rainbow stripes, abstract sponge effect, geometric shapes - anything in multi-colour can work wonders in a child’s bedroom.

    Multi-coloured wall paint designs can also work well with adult master bedrooms that are white and minimal themed. It inspires creativity, infuses playful energy and keeps the energy in the room.

    Types of multi-coloured bedroom designs for kids:

    • Multi-coloured shapes
    • Multi-coloured rainbow
    • Multi-coloured stripes
    • Multicoloured gingham checks

    Suited for: Kids bedrooms

  7. Stencils and patterns

    Stencils and Patterns wall paint design

    The latest trend is to at least have one accent wall in your bedroom. And most homeowners go for patterns or stencils to break the monotony of a basic, bare wall. From basic traditional stencils or patterns in Indian homes to abstract patterns, wall paint designs in this fashion have gained momentum. Whether it’s golden patterns on dark coloured walls or same coloured patterns, these wall paint designs are sure to transform your bedroom interiors.

    Suited for: Couple bedrooms, master bedrooms

Tips for designing your bedroom interiors

  1. Understand your bedroom layout and choose colour schemes and patterns accordingly.

  2. Choose your feature wall/accent wall since it will be the highlight of your bedroom

  3. Do not overcrowd with furniture and decor as it will not give you the desired vibe

  4. Collect your room and let it flow instead of overdecorating it

  5. Be personal. Add a touch of you.

  6. Have a moodboard in mind

If you’re planning for wall paint designs to set the tone for other rooms as well, check out the latest wall painting designs here. And if you’re looking for simpler ways to set apart your wall paint designs, here are a few designs we have curated for you.

Have a happy home painting journey!

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