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Red Paint Colours: Add The Positive Energy To Your Home

Red Paint Colours: Add The Positive Energy To Your Home

Sounds interesting, looks incredible - we are talking about red paint colours. We already know how various shades of red can help you make an amazing red colour combination in your home. Let us now talk about some unique but easy ways to play around with red positivity in your home.


Red Paint Colours: Add The Positive Energy To Your Home

You absolutely don't have to paint your entire room red. Instead, you can create a perfectly balanced red colour combination with a second colour. Let's say, yellow. Pick the right spots and paint them in equal amounts of red and yellow. Let's say you paint a patch of the wall with the television mounted on it with red, and outline the wall with yellow. The other walls can be donned in yellow with details of red paint colour. And when it comes to furnishings, upholstery, and showpieces, they all should have reds and yellows.

Mint, white, grey, light blue, and practically any neutral shade can make ideal red combination colours.

Spiced Walls

Red Paint Colours: Add The Positive Energy To Your Home

Many prefer keeping their space subtle and muted. But a lot of people wish to add just a small hint of contrast that ends up being the focal point of the space. A red colour wall is exactly what you need if you, too, wish to create magic with just a dash. Just like the previous home painting idea, you have to pair two or more colours with red. But what's different here is that just a wall in your room needs to be red. Everything has to just play around the bold colour. Let's say a room painted with sugary-white colour, has a white ceiling and off-white flooring, and minimal neutral-coloured furniture. A red colour wall will be the spice in the space!

That Red Door

Red Paint Colours: Add The Positive Energy To Your Home

Does the thought of painting your walls with red wall paint scare you to your very core? Just choose an accent of red for your home by only painting the main door. Red is a colour of positivity and energy. So feel positive and energetic right from the moment you enter your house. Subtle home colours and pastels go really well with red doors. Don't forget to add a natural feature, like a bamboo plant near the entrance.

Unusual Brushes

Red Paint Colours: Add The Positive Energy To Your Home

Who said there's just one shade of red? There's muted red, which is more like pink; there's coral-red, orange or rust red, and then there are darker tones like burgundy and sangria reds. Try unusual reds instead of the original ruby red wall paint to make your home look unique. Try shades of red paint colour with unusual undertones like orange, brown, or light pink.

Stylishly Patterned

Red Paint Colours: Add The Positive Energy To Your Home

There are so many wall patterns and designs that you can dress up your home walls with patterns instead of settling with plain red walls. Whether you are planning to have just one red colour wall or wish to paint the entire room red, one of the walls can always be a stylish masterpiece. Check our Colour Trails Wall-to-Wall designs and try something in your house. Or you can always buy a stencil or stamp available in the market to dress up an accent wall with stunning designs.

Pick the right upholstery for your room and the right contrasting elements so that your space looks elegant with red focal points in it. Don't refrain from using this warm colour in any part of your house. There's always a red wall paint colour for each part of your room. And remember, not everything has to be red, there are endless ways to play around with the colour.

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