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 Simple Wall Painting Designs

Simple Wall Painting Designs

6 Simple Wall Paint Designs For Your Home

“Make it simple, but significant.”

When we think of wall painting designs, we think of colourful, bright, creative visuals that usually adorn our homes. However, sometimes we want to opt for simpler, subtle designs that are just enough to break the monotony of bare walls. There are various wall paint design ideas and ways to introduce small design elements to spruce up your home in a minimal fashion.

From simple colour combinations to basic geometric outlays, we’re here to introduce you to specially curated, simple wall painting design ideas for your bedroom, living room and other spaces.

Before diving deep into the types of simple wall painting designs, let us tell you a little about minimalism.

What is minimalism?


noun: minimalism

Minimalism is a style or technique that ranges across art, music, decor, lifestyle in the form of staying true to simplicity and the ‘less is more’ concept. Minimalism in home decor takes the form of deliberately avoiding traffic in rooms and enjoying negative space to keep it subtle. A large part of all simple wall painting design ideas suggested below are inspired by minimalism.

Simple bedroom wall painting designs

  1. Colour Blocking

    Colour blocking wall paint design

    Colour blocking is the perfect way to make your room appear simple yet trendy. You can ditch heavy furniture, decor or wall arts for this unique and simple wall painting design. If you want to keep it really simple, colour blocking can be done perfectly with subtle pastel shades.

    Another simple way of colour blocking your walls is to pair your choice of a bright colour with the bare white colour of your wall, dividing it into two section

    Types of colour blocking for wall paint design ideas:

    1. Geometrical colour blocking
    2. Vertical divides
    3. Stripes
    4. Distressed/Blurred colour blocking
    5. Rectangular colour blocking and other shapes

    Pro tip: You can also use all the colour blocking you want for your ceilings to appear contemporary.

    Characteristics: Contemporary, suave, vivid

  2. Stencils and Paints

    Stencils & Paints wall paint design

    From beautiful flowers to butterflies to abstract wall art, stencils can make it possible and turn your bare wall into a modern painting. Stencils give you the wallpaper look in the simplest way, with better results and designs.

    If you’re looking to slightly step up your look from basic wall paints, then stencils are your solution. Homeowners can experiment with contrasting stencils, two-toned stencils, same colour stencils to create contrast and more.

    Stencils act like small accents and decor to your walls adding a small tinge of design and sophistication. Many Indian homes have ornate golden wall paint designs using stencils in their living rooms and bedrooms. Warli art also is a common wall painting design idea that has been part of modern homes.

    Characteristics: Simple, Personalised, Aesthetic

  3. Gingham

    Gingham wall paint design

    This is one of the most sought after, simple wall painting designs for bedrooms. Gingham-checks aren’t only made for fashion, they also look great on your walls and add a simple and elegant touch. Gingham checks need to have subtle colour schemes for it to appear simple and elegant, blending into the room.

    Best shades for Gingham:

    Gentle Doe (2807) and Sweet Memories (4499)

    Hazy Shade (2968) and Worn White (2953)

    Glacier Blue (2387) and Bond White (2659)

    Meringue (2011) and Sweet Memories (4499)

    Characteristics: Charming, Classic, Seamless

Simple wall painting ideas for living rooms

  1. Grunge in Shades

    Grunge in Shades wall paint design

    Grunge wall paint designs draw inspiration from the grunge era of music and art, signifying dusty, rugged, raw looks. To suit modern homes, grunge wall paint designs include dull colours like grey and pastels like blue as well.

    Grunge is a simple wall paint design idea to create something edgy out of a bare feature wall. Grunge textured walls are also perfect to hide dents and imperfections on your walls, since the abstract design conceals it all.

    Types of grunge walls:

    • Colour grunges: Water colours, pastels, brick red
    • Distressed grunge: Greys, yellows, blacks
    • Concrete grunge
    • Metallic grunge

    Characteristics: Contemporary, rustic, muted

  2. Watercolour Design

    Watercolour Effect wall paint design

    We all love a splash of watercolours. Bringing back childhood nostalgia and turning it into modern art, this simple wall paint design idea for living rooms is being voted a popular choice by most homeowners. Mix and match your favourite colours and turn this into wall art in your living room. The watercolour wall paint design is pretty versatile as it can take a grunge look as well as a bright and pop colour effect, as per your choice of paints. Keep in mind to ensure the rest of your room and decor is balanced with this effect.

    Pro tip:Acrylic paints when diluted with water can give you the desired watercolour effect.

    Characteristics: Vivid, energetic, creative

  3. Unfinished Paint

    Unfinished Effect wall paint design

    This wall painting design idea is one of the latest trends seen in most homes. Unfinished wall paint design is when half your wall is painted with a rugged, distressed finish leaving the other half unpainted. This is easy to execute and is a pretty simple idea. The way you want your unfinished wall to look will depend on your choice of paints. Your wall paint design can go from raw and rustic to bright and vivid. Picture it as the focal point of your living room blending in with your rug, decor and paints.

    Characteristics: Funky, unique, edgy

Other simple wall paint design ideas:

  1. Polka dots or stripes: If you’re looking at something creative for your kid’s room, you can go for Polka dots in pop colours.

  2. Textured walls: You can go for minimal textures to add a simple design touch to your space instead of bare walls.

  3. Multi-colour combinations: This is another simple wall paint design idea that requires only smart pairing of colours on walls of the same room to achieve the desired effect.

  4. Vertical or abstract lines: A bare wall can turn into a sleek piece of art with just abstract lines of white or black.

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