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 Top 5 Decor Ideas for an Elegant Look to Guest Room

Top 5 Decor Ideas for an Elegant Look to Guest Room

Wouldn’t you like to make your guest’s stay at your home memorable? And more importantly, don’t you want them to feel at home when they stay over? We know, choosing the right home colour decoration for your guest room can be confusing, but don’t worry. We have got your back. Here are some brilliant wall decor painting ideas to make your guest room feel like home and not a spare bedroom.

1. Sophisticated Dark Tones

Sophisticated Dark Tones Darker shades of room paint colours don’t get enough credit, but you shouldn’t put them off. Dark shades for wall decor can look quite sophisticated and mysterious, and make your guests feel excited to live there. Nothing says elegance like some well-picked dark hues for home colour decorations. You should consider Khartina’s Secret (4221) or Thunder Bay (2420) hues if you want to choose dark shades for your home colour decoration. And while too much dark might not work for everyone, balance the room with white or light-coloured ceiling, flooring, accessories, and utilities.

2. Homely Pastels

Homely Pastels If you feel like your guests would rather feel at home in some natural, earthy tones, you should choose pastel hues for your guest room paint colours, like our Sparkling Dew (2359), Coral Bay (2100), Fragrant Pear (4386) or muted shades of any colour. These tones go well with minimalistic or earthy decor. And there's absolutely nothing that can go wrong with pastels; they are just so soothing to the eyes.

3. Lush Patterns

Lush Patterns Whether you want earthy pastels or mysterious dark hues for your home colour decorations, you can always spice them up with some patterns. Patterns can make your guest room unique, and give your guests a feeling of posh environment. You can experiment with a wide range of pattern and texture options like velvet, metallic, colour overlay, peeling, or linen finish. Contact our master painters and find out which one suits best your home’s decor and upholstery.

4. Contrasting Combinations

Contrasting Combinations What do you do if you can’t decide between two tones? Combine them! This is the best way to bring some excitement to your guest rooms. You can combine practically any two colours that complement each other and come up with a masterpiece guest room design of your own. Dark with dark, dark with light, or pastel with dark - you take the call and work towards a trendy guest room colour decoration. The home decor colour combinations are endless if you choose combinations.

5. Accessorised Nudes

Accessorised Nudes Sometimes, you don’t have to think too much about colours. You don’t need the most off-beat, avant-garde shade of purple to make your guest room feel like home. Sometimes, you can choose subtle nude colours like Stardust (2400) or Elisa (2057)! Don't think that they may look boring, these colours are rich-looking in themselves. But you can always spice them up with accessories. What kind of accessories? Depending on your taste, you can choose anything from paintings to posters, antique cupboards to vintage clocks, and rustic murals to cutesy plants. Don’t hold back when it comes to choosing the right colour for your guest room. You don’t want your guests to feel like they are living in some drab motel on the highway. Instead, make them feel at home, so they keep coming back to visit you.

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February 8, 2022

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