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Give Your Hall a Designer Look with these Tips and Tricks

2020-12-24 Give Your Hall a Designer Look with these Tips and Tricks
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Do you think giving your hall a designer look is expensive and you need to hire an interior designer? You are wrong. You’d be surprised to know that with a few simple tips, you can give your hall a designer look without breaking the bank or hiring an interior designer.

Want to find out how to give your hall a designer look? Here are some tips for you.

Three’s Not a Crowd

Three’s Not a Crowd

When you are designing your hall, try to incorporate three colours or shades into your home hall colour. You can either choose two shades for the wall paints and one for furniture, or you can choose one for walls, one for the furniture, and one for accessories.

The idea is to have one primary hall room colour, another as an accent colour that you can use on one wall or the upholstery, and the third to add some pop to your hall wall colour combination. There is no limit to how you use colour combinations. If you want, you can even coordinate the colours with linen draperies, velvet chairs, and silk cushions!

We know this is the tough part. You should use our Colour Palette tool to figure out the best colour combinations for your hall.

The Perfect Shade for You

The Perfect Shade for You

Hallway paint colours are personal, and they inspire your mood. So, you need to pay special attention to which colour you choose to paint your walls with. Here are two major themes that you can choose from.

Neutral Tones

If you want your home to have a classy yet minimalistic appeal, you should go with neutral colours. These colours pair with anything, yet are not as dull as the plain whites and beige. Plus, they bring out the oomph in your home decor like nothing else!

Deep Colours

If simplicity isn’t your thing, and you prefer extravagance, you should go with deep colours. Deep colours are terrific at giving your hallway a luxurious and elegant look, and they let you excuse glamorous energy. Perfect for impressing your guests and making your hallway feel larger.

Found the right hallway colour ideas? The next step is to paint the walls using the colours that you have picked. Painting your walls on your own is easy to do on your own, and it is a great way to bond with your friend or spouse!

Artifiying Your Hallway

Artifiying Your Hallway

One of the best ways to give your home a designer feel is to add unique art pieces to the walls. No, you don’t have to go and buy a Van Gogh painting just yet (unless you want to), because you can use any artwork that you want. It can be something painted by your friend, or one that you found that one time walking through the markets of Jaipur. Paintings are a cheap and easy way to add unique decor to your home, but make sure they go well with your hall wall colour combination.

Texture or Nothing

Texture or Nothing

Don’t enjoy the idea of hallway paint colour combination, but still want something more than a simple wall colour? You should consider textured hallway colour ideas. Nerolac’s paints are perfect for a textured hall colour design. This is a subtle way to add elegance to your walls without needing different shades of colour.

Textured colours are easy to do on your own, and they create a warm, rich environment in your home that you would enjoy. The most popular texture choices are sandy beaches, velvety sponge, textured bubbles, or a metallic finish.

Wall painting designs for walls are limitless, all you need to do is research, gather ideas, and execute them. You don’t need to hire interior designers to make your home feel luxurious and unique. However, if you do find the idea of painting your home on your own daunting, feel free to contact our Master Painters!


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