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Paint shop in Vizianagaram

Paint shops in Vizianagaram supply a wide range of paints & supplies for all wall painting, home décor & improvement needs big or small.

From colours to ideas and prompt service & advice to all types of wall paint colours, interior paints, exterior paints, wood paints, car paints, and ancillaries – you will find here all you need for your next project.

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Nerolac Store in 'Vizianagaram'

Girija Enterprises
6/7/8/2 Chinna Veedhivizinagaram
Manikanta Enterprises
# 1-166, Main Road, Opp Rtc Complex Gajapathinagaramvizianagaram
99491 75800
Sri Balaji Cloth
General Stores, # 14-65, Mainroad,Ramabhadra Puram
94409 64462
Sri Jyothi Building Materials
Opp:Sub Court Main Road, Belagamparvathipuram
Sri Vijaya Lakshmi Agencies
Shop No 2, 1St Floor, Kothavalasa
Srinivasa Enterprises
Opp Zp Office Leela Mahal Roadvizinagaram
Srinivasa Stores
# 14-118 Near H P Petrol Pumpcheepurupalli
Vijaya Trading Co
# 4/1 2 3, Lower Tank Bund Roa Srinivasa Nursury Gardens,Vizianagaram
Viswanadh Hardware &
Genneral Stores Main Road,Chipurupalli
75699 57071

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Give Your House the Beautiful Looks It Deserves With Best Quality Paints From Paint Shops in Vizianagaram

When renovating your home, there is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to transform your home. Painting is economical & quick way for home improvement and to make your house look beautiful and attractive.

To help you choose best paint, Nerolac offers a wide range of paints for interior and exterior walls plus more than 1,500 colour shades to choose from. If colour selection from hundreds of shades is overwhelming or confusing to you, then dealers at paint shops in Vizianagaram can guide you to choose best paint for your walls. With numerous paint dealers online, you can find trusted paint shops to buy paint and get prompt service & suggestions easily today.

Features of Wall Paints Offered by Paint Shops

There are two major types of walls paints – water-based paints and oil-based paints. Even then, there is a difference between wall paints for interior walls and exterior walls. It is because of the different environmental exposure both wall paints are exposed to.

Here are key features of paints offered by paint shops Vizianagaram for both surfaces:

Features of Interior Wall Paint
  • Nerolac interior paints give your walls rich sheen & smooth finish
  • Interior paints from Nerolac are durable and withstand corrosion
  • Are easy to wash and maintain from time to time
  • Can resist quick and tough stains
  • Last long and do not fade easily
Features of Exterior Wall Paint
  • Give your outside walls a tough & flexible film
  • Give superior sheen and shine for years to come at affordable prices
  • Nerolac exterior paints give long lasting and all-weather protection
  • Are dust-resistant and protect against fungal growth on exterior walls
  • Shield outside walls against UV radiation of the sun
How Can Nerolac Help You Find The Best Paint Shops Online?

House painting is best to give a sparkling look to your house and to protect your home from climatic changes. Connecting with a trusted paint dealer can help you choose the best colours for your home walls. You can now be relaxed when looking for ‘paint shops near me’. Visit the Paint Store Locator on Nerolac website. Based on your location, find address and phone number of paint shop closest to you. Visit the dealer post confirming business hours. Give your home dazzling looks for years with a fresh coat of paint.

Frequently Asked Questions

What different types of paints are available at paint shops in Vizianagaram?
All common types of oil and water-based house paints like enamel paint, acrylic paint, emulsion paint and distemper paints are offered by paint shops in Vizianagaram.
What are the benefits of using emulsion paint?
Emulsion paints are less toxic than oil-paints, easy to apply, dry quickly, don’t crack in sunlight and can be painted on walls, metal, glass and wood surfaces. Hence, it is one of the popular types of paint available at paint shops in Vizianagaram.
If I paint now, how long will the paint last on my walls?
On an average, interior paint job lasts for 5 – 7 years and exterior paint for 7 – 10 years. Exactly how long does paint take to fade depends on paint quality, surface & climate.
Will I get a colour shade of my choice at paint shops in Vizianagaram?
Yes, Nerolac colour catalogue has more than 1,500 colour shades to choose from. At most paint shops in Vizianagaram, you can use this catalogue to choose your perfect shade. Dealers may also provide samples to visualize your shade on your walls.
What are the different paint sheens in order?
Types of sheens – in order of lowest to highest luster – are flat, matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and high gloss.
Can I get popular colour shades for painting my house in Vizianagaram?
Yes, a wide range of latest wall colour shades are offered by paint dealers in Vizianagaram for house painting.

From green colour shades in Vizianagaram, purple colour shades in Vizianagaram and red colour shades in Vizianagaram to violet colour shades in Vizianagaram and white colour shades in Vizianagaram and from blue colour shades in Vizianagaram, pink colour shades in Vizianagaram and beige colour shades in Vizianagaram to yellow colour shades in Vizianagaram, orange colour shades in Vizianagaram, grey colour shades in Vizianagaram and lilac colour shades in Vizianagaram, you can easily find a wall paint colour in Vizianagaram for any wall, space or home improvement project. You may also find other popular shades such as peach colour in Vizianagaram, teal colour in Vizianagaram, ivory colour in Vizianagaram, cream colour in Vizianagaram, turquoise colour in Vizianagaram, bottle green colour in Vizianagaram, mustard colour in Vizianagaram, sea green colour in Vizianagaram, deep turquoise colour in Vizianagaram, royal ivory colour in Vizianagaram and honey cream in Vizianagaram as per your wall décor & renovation needs.

Which colour combinations can paint dealers near me offer?
Most paint dealers nearby provide a colour catalogue to customers and based on customers request, suggest latest and even customised colour combination for walls in Vizianagaram like green colour combination in Vizianagaram, grey colour combination in Vizianagaram, living room colour combination in Vizianagaram, colour combination for kitchen walls and cabinets in Vizianagaram, red colour combination in Vizianagaram, colour combination with blue in Vizianagaram, colour combination with yellow in Vizianagaram and many more. Pick a colour combination that suits best to your home décor needs.
Can I get colours to create colour combinations for bedroom?
Yes, paint shops in Vizianagaram offer a huge variety of colour shades which you can use to transform your bedroom into the look you want and create trending two colour combination for bedroom walls in Vizianagaram such as pink two colour combination for bedroom walls in Vizianagaram, orange two colour combination for bedroom walls in Vizianagaram and purple two colour combination for bedroom walls in Vizianagaram. Dealers can also guide you in choosing the best colour schemes and combination to pair with your bedroom wall décor and furniture.
Where can I get trending wall painting designs and ideas for my home?
Head over to our home décor and improvement blog where you will find latest wall painting design in Vizianagaram for your home walls. Read our guide on trending wall painting design for bedroom, wall painting design for hall, wall painting design for kitchen, wall painting design for living room. We have in-depth guides about wall painting ideas too to help you find wall painting ideas for living room, wall painting ideas for kitchen, wall painting ideas for hall, wall painting ideas for living room.
How much paint is needed for a 12 X 12 room?
As per general practices, for fresh painting you need approximately 1.75 gallons or 7 litres of paint for interior wall and ceiling of a 12 X 12 or 240 square feet room.

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