Peach Colour Shades

Peach colour spreads over a soft sunset hue, over sweet apricots and the softest corals. Peach resembles the nostalgic summer you crave for years to come. Offering a soft and blissful appearance, this hue can brighten up any space, especially bedrooms and kids' rooms courtesy to its naturally soothing charm . Welcome summer into your home with over 200 shades of the perfect peach brought to you by Nerolac.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before going ahead with a fresh coat of paint, it is necessary to see how the shades look on the walls. To make things easier, first, go to our Colour Catalogue and browse through the colours you like the most. Pick your choice of shade, click on the home icon to visualize how it will look on the walls.

After you have selected the shade, you can pick a store near you with the help of Store Locator and purchase interior, exterior shades, enamel paint and many more products of your choice.

NXTGEN painting service – our brand-new service gives you an exemplary painting service by our highly experienced and reliable painters. All you need to do - drop your details, and an expert will get in touch with you. Et Voila! Your space is redefined within 5 days.

Different light settings accentuate and enhance the colour on the walls. To visualize the shade before finalizing, download our Colour My Space app on Apple or Google Play Store. Here you can watch presets for different rooms, select the right texture and then simply call a painter near your location. Also, our very own NVISION tool renders you with a visual, answering every speck of your concerns.

Check out the Paint Calculator tool to get the exact amount of paint required along with its cost in minutes.

Our Colour Catalogue has vivid shades. Each shade has 4 combinations picked from the colour palette that complements it best.

Head over to our inspiration section for trendy wall painting ideas for your home. From sought-after ideas to newly bloomed ones, you have it all in one place.

Painting your home is the last step before you see the dream colour on the interior or exterior of your home. NXTGEN is a painting service, which primarily provides the fastest route to paint your home. Pick a suitable colour, drop your details, and a certified expert will drop by your home to evaluate the home before painting.


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